Before & After


Have a meal, play and work on homework… with friends!

Our before and after school programs provide a safe and enriching environment for your child. Parents can worry less knowing their Giant Leap kid is being properly cared for and forming new friendships.

The Curriculum

In the before and after school programs, we focus on fostering positive attitudes in our Giant Leap kids. We will guide your kid through important lessons in persistence, engagement, curiosity, and a sense of mastery.

When your kid gets to our afterschool program, we strike up a conversation. We prompt them to engage with us by recounting their day; the more they recall, the more they retain. And, of course, we help them do their homework – less work for you!

Your kid will use their motor skills to build things and play games with their peers, teaching them important lessons in teamwork and continuing to improve their coordination

In our before and afterschool programs, we encourage your child to start asking and answering tough questions and to think critically about what they’re reading and doing at school to embed structure and meaning to their school life.




Make it to work, an important appointment or social event.

Your life is busy during the week and on the weekends! Our Weekend Care program is here to support you and to provide a safe, playful and engaging environment for your child while you take the time you need.

The Curriculum

On the weekends, we encourage your child to be more expressive and to communicate their thoughts and feelings with us in a productive and respectful manner. They are will learn how to express negative emotions in ways that do not hurt others and be given the opportunity to participate in group discussions to practice sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Giant Leap introduces weekly themes to continue to develop your child’s knowledge. Working on their skills in writing, visual discrimination, art projects, letter concepts, and math awareness, your Giant Leap kid will participate in phonics-based programs, hands-on activities, games, and seat work. The weekend program also allows teachers to spend extra time with children who require special support.

Fun activities and exercise is key to improving your child’s physical strength and coordination. At play time, they will engage in a lot of running, jumping, throwing, moving to music, hopscotch, and hula hoops. They will also engage in activities that enhance fine motor skills, such as stringing beads, cutting paper with scissors, drawing shapes, and writing activities.

At Great Leap Childcare, we teach your child how to be a good neighbour and a good friend. It is important at this age that they learn how to resolve conflict and get along with their peers. We encourage them to become empathic, being aware of and respecting the feelings of others.

Your child is encouraged to read stories that are rich in ideas and meaning and are engaging to the them. These stories help your child to foster a greater love and appreciation for books and reading. We also use daily journal activities to practice writing skills to improve your child’s early reading skills.

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