Toddler care Gowing…growing…….

About your toddler’s day care program

Your child is learning at an incredible rate..what comes next?

Your toddler may already be walking or talking or both, but if they are not, they soon will. Our teachers are equipped to supply your child with all the support necessary to blossom and express themselves. They are becoming more and more independent, usually wanting to do things on their own, so we provide an environment that allows them to continue to explore, grow, and develop better self help skills.

What we focus on

We are interested in the “whole” child….

Safety is a top priority for Giant Leap Kids, but it is not the only priority. Not only must your little ones be safe, they must receive the help and care necessary to propel them forward.

Our Mission


We help your child to become more expressive, and attentive. We teach them how to play and share with others. Everyday is filled with developmentalyl apprppriate activities for your toddlers to develop the confidence, self-esteem and a passion for learning.


We provide the opportunity for your toddlers to identifty colours, shapes, sorting and labelling objects by characteristics and matching items by functions. We increase memory capacity through recalling of repeated events in the toddler’s routine. We especially love to sing to them and help them with simple puzzles and activities.


Your child’s gross motor skills are getting better and they are a lot more mobile. We help them to become even more coordinated and confident as they engage in activities that support gross motor development, hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. Some of the activities include, kicking a ball, using scissors, writing, colouring and lacing.


Through play, music and imitiation, we get your little one fully engaged with the teachers and other children in care. Children love listening to stories and we love telling them. They will be engaged to repeat what the teacher says, follow instructions and learn the names of many of the objects that they interact with. Toddlers are given the opportunity to act out simple themes in their pretend play using objects and teachers become an active participant.


We create an opportunity for toddlers to join in conversation by asking simple “what and where” questions. We also build communcation and vocabulary skills through the use of storytelling, word games and identifying familiar items. We provide a rich environment for your toddlers to excel.