Before & After School Care5 – 12 Years Old

Safe and convenient location

Great friendships are formed here…

Are you looking for a safe place where your children can have a meal, play, study or do homework before & after school? This is the centre you have been looking for!

What we focus on

Providing the support and assistance where it is needed….

Let’s face it, our schedules are busy and the pace is unrelenting. You might not be able to be home with your children right after school, but you can take comfort in the fact they are being safely and properly cared for, before you pick them up. We are here for you.

Our Mission


We create an environment that fosters positive attitudes towards learning such as persistence, engagement, curiosity and a sense of mastery.


So your child has just returned from school and is waiting for you to pick them up. What can we do? Well, the fact is that the more children talk about their day, the more they recall and the more they retain. We get the conversation started, and if help is required with homework, well we do that too.


We provide puzzles, building tools and and other activities that will engage your child. Learning happens in many ways, anywhere..


Your child will be with other children, close to their age with whom they can talk and share.

Language and Literacy

We encourage your school aged child to ask and answer thought provoking questions, think critically about the content of their reading and school work. We help create meaningful context for your school aged child in an informal setting.