Preschool care I am on my way to greatness!

About your preschooler’s care

Your child is confident and is learning many new skills.

Your preschooler is learning through independent exploration, structured activities and hands on learning to foster early literacy ,mathematics, science and social skills..

What we focus on

We are interested in the “whole” child….

Safety is a top priority for Giant Leap Kids, but it is not the only priority. Not only must your little ones be safe, they must receive the help and care necessary to propel them forward.

Our Mission


We encourage your perschooler to set goals for themselves and work towards them. We support creative expression through dramatic play, music and art expression.They are becoming experts at things that are a part of their regular routine, developing responsiblity for themselves during dressing and eating routine.


Preschoolers are given the opportunity to express their feelings, ideas and experinces using a variety of materials to build with and to express their thoughts. They are working on pre-writing skills such as tracing, printing letters and numbers. Cognitive development is also supported through, counting, estimating, making prediction, testing, and drawing conclusion using the daily calendar activities.


We provide activitiies to improve on their physical strength and coordination. At play time, they engage in a lot of running, jumping, throwing, moving to music, hopscotch, and hula hoops. They also participate in activities to enhance fine motor skills such as, stringing beads, cutting paper with scissors, drawing shapes and writing activities.


Good manners are very important, and we teach your little one the right way to ask for things and how to properly express gratitude when they have received something from someone. They are asked to take on more responsibilites, and learn to work with others.

Language and Literacy

We encourage the children to retell stories during pretend play and art activities. High quality literature is introduced to promote a love for reading.