Saturday & Sunday Care Need a centre that fits your work schedule?

About weekend care

Work doesn’t necessarily end on Friday….

Whether it is work, a wedding, a date, an appointment that can’t be missed, or the need for some alone time, we are open Saturday and Sunday for you.

What we focus on

Providing a safe, fun and engaging space for your child….

Safety is a top priority for Giant Leap Kids, but it is not the only priority. Not only must your little ones be safe, they must receive the help and care necessary to propel them forward.

Our Mission

To keep your child safe and well care for while you take care of business


We continue to encourage your child to be more expressive and to communicate their thoughts and feelings. They are encourage to express negative emotions in ways that do not hurt others. Children are given the opportunity to participate in group discussions to practice sharing ideas, thoughts and feeling.


Children are taught auditory discrimination skill, writing, visual discrimination, art projects, letter concepts and math awareness. Weekly themes are taught to develop your child’s knowledge. Reading readiness skills are taught through a phonics-based programs, hands-on activities, games and seat work. French is introduced with songs and games about simple things that your child can grasp readily. Teachers spend extra time with those children who require extra support.


We provide activities to improve on their physical strength and coordination. At play time, they engage in a lot of running, jumping, throwing, moving to music, hopscotch, and hula hoops. They also engage in activities that enhance fine motor skills such as, stringing beads, cutting paper with scissors, drawing shapes and writing activities.


We teach your child how to be a good neighbor and a good friend. It is important at this age that they learn how to resolve conflict and get along with their peers. We encourage them to become empathic, being aware of and respecting the feelings of others.

Language and Literacy

Children are encouraged to read stories that are rich in ideas and meaning, and are engaging to the them. These stories help your child to foster a greater love and appreciation for books and reading. We use daily journal activities to practice writing skills to improve your child’s early reading skillls.