Infant careOn your marks, get set….

About your infant’s care

This is one of most critical time of their development….we help them to excel.

Your infant develops rapidly during the early years of his or her young life. It is important that they receive all the nurturing and attention that is needed to develop healthy limbs, muscles and brains, as well as social and language skills. We introduce your child to various activities that will promote cognitive development and spur them on to successfully passing each critical milestone.

What we focus on

We are interested in the “whole” child….

Safety is a top priority for Giant Leap Kids, but it is not the only priority. Not only must your little ones be safe, they must receive the help and care necessary to propel them forward.

Additional Features

Our infant care program features the following:

  • Playtime and activities that promote cognitive and motor skills
  • Daily reports to keep you informed about your child’s day such as; Amount of food consumed, , diaper changes, and sleep report.
  • Parents also give teachers reports on the child’s previous night, and any other relevant information.
  • Age appropriate materials and toys that support learning.
  • Outside time and neighborhood walks
  • Nurturing individualized care that promotes a healthy self esteem

Our Mission


We help your child to become more expressive, and attentive. We love it when they babble because they are trying to get our attention, or when they want a specific toy.


We encourage you little one to explore and become aquainted with his or her environment. We let them play with objects that have different textures, shapes, and colours. We introduce them to toys that light up, or make a sound when activated, teaching your infant the basic principles of cause and effect. We provide paint, crayons and other materials to facilitate artistic exploration and creativity.


Your child willl learn how to roll, crawl, balance while sitting up, and get an overall workout each day in practicing to use their limbs. A variety of toys to support motor skills such as blocks, short tunnels and push toys.


Through play, music and imitiation, we get your little one fully engaged with the teachers and other children in care. Children love listening to stories and we love telling them.


We provide a rich context for language and exploration by imitating the infant’s vocalization,playing simple turn taking games such as peekaboo, repeating words and expanding vocabulary using simple sentence structure.